Thanks 2015, Hi 2016

My 2015 is unquestionably full of challenges, from academic stuff to the fire tragedy. I actually never thought that I would be able to withstand these life trials. Fortunately, I successfully overcame each of them, with the help of my family (especially my mother) and relatives, friends, batch-mates and org-mates ( League of Filipino Students … More Thanks 2015, Hi 2016

TERRORISM: One of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

(A Synthesis Essay for my Pol Sci 180 subject) As the title of the documentary indicates, the Four Horsemen elucidates the four apocalyptic horsemen, which was deemed to bring about the decline of Western civilization: (a) rapacious financial system, (b) abject poverty for billions, (c) heightened terrorism, and (d) over-extraction of the Earth’s resources. In … More TERRORISM: One of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse


ASSUMPTIONS The general notion of collective security is encapsulated in the saying, “one for all and all for one”. Based on the proposition that aggressive and unlawful use of force by any state against another must be stopped, collective security posits that such unlawful aggression will be met by united action: all (or many) other states … More COLLECTIVE SECURITY

Superpowers’ Conflicting Geopolitical Interests

After the World War II, there was a major redistribution of power and changed political borders. All of these contributed to the emergence of a bipolar world order, with the United States and USSR on opposite poles. These conditions fostered a new international conflict in the following years known as the Cold War. Of the most oft-cited … More Superpowers’ Conflicting Geopolitical Interests

Uphold the Rule of Law

Here is our advocacy video and paper in Pol Sci 160. #UpholdRuleOfLaw ALLER, Emmanuel LABASTIDA, Sean Clark Luinor MACUJA, Yra Frances RIVERA, Dannah Karoline RIZON, Justine Political Science 160 December 12, 2014 The Preamble of the 1987 Constitution states that the citizens of the Republic of the Philippines shall live “under the rule of law.” … More Uphold the Rule of Law